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What is Permaculture?


ermaculture provides the framework for an overarching design system for everything in life. Everything relates to everything else and each thing has multiple functions. After careful and considered observation we can produce permaculture designs that take account of and plot the components of our lives, the landscape, our climate, our dwellings, our communities, our corporations and our functions in such an order and alignment so as to produce maximum efficiency and production with the least leaking of energy in both the short and long term. It is a design system which mimics the patterns of undisturbed nature. The spread and adoption of permaculture as an underlying reference, and code for how humans conduct their lives provides the most likely assurance that we will continue to enjoyably survive as a species on this earth.


t  Jamberoo Valley Farm we are using farm management systems in line with permaculture principles and developing the farm as a model of comfortable sustainability. Permaculture is more about the doing, rather than the arriving at a completed picture, it’s something that continually evolves, like nature. So we work with nature, all of it above, on and below the ground. Our gardens and pastures are fed with fertilizers we produce on farm, we don’t use nasty chemicals like Roundup and other Glycosides, we embrace natural pest management and companion planting, we use crop rotation planning, we think about our geography and climate when developing our infrastructure, we consider the humans who visit or are involved with our farm and much more. Whilst not certified organic we use organic principles. We strive to produce as much as we can on farm for our own and our animals sustenance. We aim to produce less and less waste.
In Permaculture as with most movements there are degrees of zealousness and rates of assimilation over time. At Jamberoo Valley Farm, we like things to be and look beautiful so we currently aim for what we call sensible luxury. Living ecologically doesn’t mean giving everything up, but relearning the value of nature and understanding there are other ways of being wealthy.
At its core Permaculture is founded on 3 ethics: Earth Care; People Care; Fair Share and 12 principles which relate to each other and are considered when place elements into a permaculture design.



ermaculture was founded in Tasmania in the late 70’s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. It has become arguably Australia’s greatest intellectual export with current estimates at 1 million plus practitioners worldwide. You can green deserts using permaculture principles. It provides the way for a sustainable future in a world, a way of correcting a world that you could say is currently wobbling out of alignment.

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“Sustainability Through Involvement”


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