Update On Sustainable Soil Workshop

Soil aficionado, Paul Taylor from www.trustnature.com.au has just completed his 5 day intensive Sustainable Soil workshop at Jamberoo Valley Farm. The class had a broad compliment of participants from farmers to academics and others who are just interested in learning more about how to protect our food supply with a solid knowledge of the Soil Food Web. With hands on experience constructing a compost stack, making bio fertiliser and probiotic, then applying it to the farm’s pasture, we are sure that all attendees now have the tools that they need to make a difference in our world. Tass Schmidt provided fantastic, sumptuous lunches and Tricia Ashelford was an amazing help with catering. At Jamberoo Valley Farm, we’re all about education so keep an eye on our “Events and Courses” page for more details on this and many other diverse and enjoyable workshops.

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