Jamberoo Valley Farm Australian Blood Limes

Jamberoo Valley Farm has an orchard of 200 established Australian Blood Lime trees. The Australian Blood Lime is a cross between the red finger lime and the Ellendale Mandarin, the trees are medium size and quite thorny.

Australian Blood Limes are a hybrid citrus fruit developed by the CSIRO project to investigate salt-resistant crops. While the limes proved unsuitable for high-salt conditions, they became the object of some commercial development; the first commercial crops appeared in markets in Australia in July 2004 and are increasingly visible in the market place.

The blood lime is smaller than most limes, approximately 4cm long by 2cm in diameter, and somewhat sweeter than the standard lime. Their fruit looks like an oversized kalamata olive, with lovely burgundy skin and flesh that goes from pale yellow to slightly pink, particularly later in the season as the sugars increase. The flesh has some “caviar” qualities but not as marked as the finger lime, we have noticed however that this aspect increases with freezing. The main season extends from June/July to September/October, this varies a little regionally.

We are exploring options for value adding to our fruit.

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