Our Gardens

In our gardens, depending on the season you’ll find a vast array of vegetables and fruit. We are very interested in heritage and exotic varieties, you might find things you’ve never seen or tasted before. We’re always happy to show our visitors around, give them a taste and explain how to use what’s growing at any time. Depending on what’s going on in Tass’s kitchen you might even get a taste of what’s she’s concocting. Guests are welcome to help themselves to garden produce for meals they might like to prepare while staying at the farm.

We save seeds and propagate a lot of our own seedlings.

We have the luxury of both the outdoor gardens and our aquaponics poly-shed. Aquaponics is a closed circuit system in which we feed the fish and the water that the fish swim in is pumped every hour through the grow beds in which plants are growing amongst clay balls. The plants take the nutrients they need from the fishy water, the clay balls with their bacterial colonies filter the water and the newly filtered water is pumped back into the fish tanks. It’s a great system where water is scarce and in situations that will benefit from controlled climate.

We practise crop rotation and follow permaculture principles. We have established large composting bins. You can’t imagine the size of our worm population it might go into the billions. We also have worm farms scattered about the gardens and we make comfrey tea, a great favourite of tomatoes, strawberries and other similar fruiting plants.

We also have many varieties of established fruit trees, bushes and vines around the property, including citrus, stone fruit, grapes, olives, quinces, apples, berries, pineapple and avocado.

We produce seedlings for our own use and for sale through farmers markets or to farm visitors

Sustainability through Involvement