Introducing Farm Managers Natacha & Dominic

Farm managers Natacha and Dominic began farming in 2016 after studying permaculture in Nimbin, in NSW Northern Rivers. In 2017, they made the move to Jamberoo where their passion for organic food and land rehabilitation grew.

“Permaculture and a love for the Earth is why we became farmers” says Natacha, who began her green-thumb adventures by growing organic food for herself and her family in her native Sydney. “Harvesting veggies and watching seedlings come up gives me joy. It’s a great feeling to observe and be a part of the process from seed to harvest.”

Dominic, originally from Darwin, loves educating visitors about the farm, but says the day-to-day life working on the farm is difficult to describe. “Working with the weather and so many living organisms means nothing ever quite goes to plan and there is a lot that needs attending to.”

From growing fresh produce, some of which is delivered to Sydney’s The Botanica Vaucluse, to tagging cows, general farm maintenance and clipping sheep’s feet, Dominic says visitors will be able to witness and experience firsthand what life is like working on a farm.

Jamberoo Valley Farm is home to cattle, pigs, sheep, and chickens. Natacha says “It’s amazing to take the time to see how the cows communicate and interact with each other and their calves. It really makes you appreciate your food when you eat meat.”

George, the largest male sheep and leader of the flock is friendly and will often eat feed out of your hands. “But he’s very strong” says Dominic, “when I first tried to flip him to clip his hooves, he bolted and dragged me half way around the yard before he stopped, to onlookers’ hysterical laugher.” Dominic insists he and George still remain good friends.

The Jamberoo Valley Farm animal family wouldn’t be complete without canine companions River and Archer. “Archer may be bigger in size, but River is the boss. She teaches Archer know how to behave and lets him know when he’s being too much of a boof head,” laughs Natacha.

When they’re not working on the farm or holding a produce stall at the local Kiama Markets, Natacha and Dominic find lots of ways to keep themselves and the dogs entertained. “Dom and I enjoy pickling and making preserves. I’ve dabbled in some soap making that I’d love to do some more of. Reading, catching up with friends and of course, having a good dance” says Natacha, while “Dom enjoys archery and ‘really in-depth and passionate’ discussion.”

They both enjoy a beer at the local Jamberoo Pub which is known to attract interesting passers-by, ensuing “in-depth” discussions of Dominic’s persuasion.


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