Terms and conditions (workshops)

Terms and Conditions for courses, workshops and other event bookings at Jamberoo Valley Farm are as follows:

1. Departure from these terms and conditions permits the owner(s) or their agent to refuse the registration, amend the charge or immediately terminate the participation.

2. Deposit: Your deposit secures your booking. For most courses, workshops and events bookings, a deposit of 50% is required, however this may change from time to time depending on the specific event. The balance is payable 14 days prior to the commencement of your scheduled program. Where final payment is not received, the booking may be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.

3. Full Payment: Full payment is required if the booking date is less than 14 days before the scheduled date of commencement.

4. Cancellation: Deposits and other payments are non-refundable but may be held in credit for other courses, workshops or events. They may also be credited against short term holiday bookings, in this case they are not transferrable and are subject to availability

5. Use of Premises: The premises are opened to you for your particular program purposes and only for the period of the program.

6. Motorized Recreational Vehicles: Not permitted anywhere on the farm

7. Guests must respect that this is a working farm and will be required at the commencement of the program to sign a Jamberoo Valley Farm Visitor Induction form which provides details of required health and safety practices at the farm. Parents are required to strictly supervise their or any other children that accompany them in line with these instructions.

8. Please respect the rights of our neighbors to enjoy their properties without disturbance, this includes allowing right of way for any vehicles proceeding up the hill, parking with consideration and being mindful of noise levels.

9. The property is presented to guests in good order and condition upon arrival. Please leave it this way and respect that we are a permaculture farm, so produce as little waste as possible. All damage, breakages or loss of items from the premises must be paid for.

10. We reserve the right to decline program participation requests or deny access to the premises of people that we deem to be unsuitable participants.

11. In commencing a course, workshop or event it will be assumed you understand and agree to the terms and conditions and you understand the nature of the program and agree that you and your child (in the cases where your child/children accompany you) will participate in the program as described.

“Sustainability Through Involvement”

Sustainability through Involvement